I don't think there was a clear moment I decided I wanted to be an actor. Certainly there were experiences I had that helped seal the deal. Working with great groups of people on exciting projects and the camaraderie conspired to hook me in.

Of course I have questioned my path and I have been close to bailing. Surviving in the arts is a struggle for everyone. There is always uncertainty and you need to be versatile to keep your head above water. I have worked and continue to work on lots of other jobs, but have been lucky to keep working in the arts.

I don't really think about fame. For me, performing is about striving to do the best and most relevant work I can, while continuing to develop and grow as an actor or director.

At 20 I didn't have much of a plan. It was mostly about surviving one day to the next. I can't say things have changed that much. I feel fortunate to be still getting a variety of work and to be working quite a lot with young people, which was not something I had planned but really enjoy. Directing is quite a new thing for me and developed out of my teaching work at the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts. I was chuffed to get this opportunity to support Lavinia [Uhila] on Angels.


Whatever the field, gender equity should be a given. We need to strive for a greater diversity in performing arts, developing better representation for many sections of our society - women, diverse cultures, diverse sexualities - we need to work really hard to ensure all voices are heard and represented.

I would storm the steps of Parliament to ensure ALL New Zealanders can live with adequate homes and living conditions, access excellent healthcare and education, freely express who they are and enjoy an environment that is protected and treasured.

In life, I don't stick to a script. Everyday I just make it up as I go along.

If my partner David [Fane] and I were a couple from any play or television show at all, we would most resemble Fred and Wilma from The Flintstones.

Bronwyn Bradley is the directing mentor for Angels (Reborn), an adapted version of a Samoan play with songs as part of the Auckland Theatre Company's 12-night Next Big Thing (NBT) festival, July 15-30, at The Basement.