Kiwi hip-hop icon Parris Goebel is one of the world's hottest dancers right now.

She's worked with some of the world's biggest pop stars, choreographed New Zealand's first hip-hop dance movie and just toured with Rihanna on the Anti world tour.

Which is why her latest project is kind of weird.

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The superstar has appeared in an ad for New Zealand Post, in which she and her dance crew give you the low-down on ... having stuff delivered.

It starts off okay, with Goebel saying: "What's the world taught you? For me, it's that life's about taking control, ignoring critics, pushing limits, you know - your passion."

Then she gets sassy, adding: "You expect me to what? Come to you? It's not going to happen. I dictate the rules, what I get, where and when I get it, first time."

But that's when it gets weird. Right when you realise she's talking about having parcels delivered, she spouts what has got to be the least hip-hop speech ever made, all about NZ Post's new delivery options.

One of Goebel's dancers appeared in another NZ Post video earlier in the year which said: "We've all been dancing around our parcels for years, letting them make the rules, well that's it, no more".

It's a bit of a stretch to connect the two, but hey, at it's probably still better than that time the All Blacks did the Men In Black video for Air NZ.