Wondering what's going on the world of entertainment in the coming week? Well wonder no more - we have a few things to watch out for, including two new albums, new TV and web series, and of course, the arrival of The BFG on New Zealand's big screens. Here's the low-down on the upcoming week.

We get to meet The BFG

The talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg –finally unite to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to life.

Can you really go wrong with a Roald Dahl adaptation made by Steven Spielberg? (God, we hope not).

But this is a story many of us know and love, we've seen how beautiful it looks in the trailers, and it's got our very own Jemaine Clement in it, so we're looking forward to seeing it for ourselves.

The BFG hits NZ cinemas on Thursday, July 7.

The Avalanches have a new album

*Warning: This clip contains explicit language*


If you're not familiar with The Avalanches, the above video is probably a pretty good introduction.

Their new album Wildfire will be their first in 16 years, and reviews have already started pouring it, calling it a "mind-blowing" triumph.

If Frankie Sinatra (above) is anything to go by, it's going to be a great listen.

Wildfire drops Friday, July 8.

Schoolboy Q also has a new album coming out

*Warning: This clip contains explicit language*

What's exciting about Schoolboy Q's new album is this is what he says he always endeavoured to sound like.

He told Billboard when he started out he had to work with what he had, whereas this time he has "everything I wanted, worked with exactly who I wanted and did the best of my ability on this album with the street s***, getting back to my old roots".

Plus, it's got collaborations with Kanye (above), E-40, Vince Staples, Jadakiss, SZA, and Miguel, and the title track is a collaboration with Anderson Paak.

The new album, Blank Face drops Sunday, July 10.

We get to see Keisha Castle-Hughes in Roadies

Keisha Castle-Hughes stars in the trailer for Roadies, a new sitcom from Cameron Crowe.


takes a look behind the scenes of live music, which is always fun.

But it also stars Kiwi star Keisha Castle-Hughes, in a role which may well be the first time we've seen her in a real-life situation in a US production (as opposed to appearing in fantasy/sci-fi series the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones).

The series begins on Soho on Monday, July 4.

Aroha Bridge ushers in Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

Hook Ups is making a comeback with a new name: Aroha Bridge. Photo / Supplied
Hook Ups is making a comeback with a new name: Aroha Bridge. Photo / Supplied

This animated web series made its way into the news as it had to be renamed from Hook Ups to Aroha Bridge, because people were getting Google results they really, really didn't want.

But now that that's all sorted, the show - known for it representation of Maori language and culture - is back, timed to coincide with Maori Language week.

So we get to watch a local animated series and pick up some Reo along the way.

You can watch all six new episodes of Aroha Bridge from Monday, July 4, at arohabridge.com