Just two weeks after New Zealand's Sam Wills - aka the Boy With Tape on His Face - wowed the judges on America's Got Talent, a surprisingly similar act popped up in Brazil.

The performer, who goes by Lukkas, appeared on Brazilian TV show The João Kleber Show, with an identical act to the Kiwi comedian's.

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Wills posted this video to his YouTube channel, comparing the two videos:


He wrote: "A blatant rip off of Tape Face. This performer is passing off the idea as their own idea and performing on Brazilian Television ... this is not OK."

Fans too, have taken to social media demanding justice.

One YouTuber wrote: "This is a pure rip off. I hope this video gets removed and Tape Face receives a public apology."

While a Kiwi fan wrote: "Thief! The real genius behind this act is from my home city in New Zealand, Sam Wills aka The Boy with Tape on his Face.

"How low are you that you blatantly rip off an act that got so much international attention and think you could possibly get away with it? Do the decent thing and take this video down and apologize to Tape Face."

However, Wills contacted the show and later posted that the act was paid by the show, and fans shouldn't "shoot the messenger".