A controversial show in which couples have sex in a box in front of a live studio audience has been pulled from TV2's schedules.

UK show Sex Box was due to begin screening here in July.

The show features couples having sex inside a sealed box in front of a live studio studio audience, and then having their relationship and techniques discussed by experts.

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TV2 announced the show would be screening here just weeks ago.

But in a statement released today, a spokesperson said the show had been pulled from schedules because it wasn't "the right fit".

The statement said feedback from viewers forced the network to take a second look at the show.

"TVNZ has decided not to screen Sex Box. The series was initially considered to form a part of our July line-up but given the feedback we've taken the time to relook at it," the spokesperson said.

"On reflection it is not the right fit for inclusion in the TV2 schedule."

The decision comes after a petition that asked TV2 to pull the show was signed by more than 10,000 people.

"Our TV programs require a level of good taste and decency. Sexual intimacy is not simply a recreational activity to be viewed, scored and analysed in such a public setting," the petition said.

"In bringing this intimate relationship to the TV screen for sport, Sex Box is a new low in our often 'flash in the pan' celebrity seeking culture."

The show features former Miss Belgium Goedele Liekens, a relationship expert and author of The Vagina Book, The Penis Book andThe Orgasm Book, alongside a panel of experts.

It caused controversy when it screened in the UK, with many calling it "cringeworthy".

But the Radio Times gave Sex Box show a glowing review, saying it "might be just what the blushing Brits need".