New reports claim investigators were "convinced" Michael Jackson "preyed on" his own nephews.

According to the New York Post, "several sources involved in the criminal probe" said that was the case.

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Members of Jackson's family were interviewed by police investigating his child molestation charges in 2004-2005, but it's believed the pop star kept his family quiet with gifts and threats.


"We received a credible tip about the nephews and - as with many things that happened during the investigation - Jackson's people got wind of it and Jackson spirited the one boy off to an island," a former county detective told the Post.

"Well, when that boy returned, Jackson had also purchased him a brand new car which we understood - along with the trip - was to shut the nephew up."

According to sources, a member of Jackson's family "feared" several nephews had been victimised, and that Jackson was grooming his own son, Blanket.

Following reports last week that child pornography was unearthed during a raid at Jackson's home, a detectives' report said Jackson even used "sexy" photos of his own nephews, Radar Online reports.

However, Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman told The Post Jackson "never molested anyone. And whomever would say that he would harm his own children is ridiculous."

Yesterday, Jackson's daughter Paris took to Instagram to defend her father from such allegations, writing: "Things may be a little s****y in the press right now but everyone knows it's all bull and I swear on the family name I will protect you for as long as I live."