As the world watches the results of Britain's Brexit referendum trickle in, we're turning to noted political commentator Lindsay Lohan to provide guidance.

Lohan - who resides in London nowadays - entered the political fray today with this tweet, perhaps one of her more confusing: she seemed to encourage Brits to vote "remain" so that they could "be smart, pay attention and buy Chanel."

Her next tweet, an all-caps response to a news article about the Pound plummeting, seemed like a reference to memorable Mean Girls line 'THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST':

We enjoyed this tweet for its cryptic yet vaguely threatening simplicity:


LiLo also directly tweeted news outlets demanding answers:

She wasn't too happy with the Daily Mail, telling the outlet "get your facts straight you lazy cow" - in reference to what, we're not quite sure:

Not content with asking for comment from news outlets, Lindsay then tweeted ex-boyfriends Max George and Danny Cipriani, pleading with them to quell her confusion:

As fans watched this all-caps assault on Twitter timelines, many theorised that Lohan must be the latest celeb to fall victim to a Twitter hack. Think again, suckers:

Suddenly, LiLo experienced a moment of eloquence and clarity. Is this the eye of the storm?

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As the time in London crawls past 3am, Lohan is currently fretting about the drop in the British pound due to the shock early lead for the Leave vote.

She's even thrown in a direct Mean Girls quote for good measure:

We're glad to see Lindsay Lohan engaging with the British political process, and frankly, we'd like to see this go further. What are Hilary Duff's thoughts on the issue? Is Ashlee Simpson available for comment? Can we get Mischa Barton on Newsnight?

Lindsay Lohan: Working Class Hero.