Let's just say it: Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott's reworking of the iconic Ghostbusters anthem is not great. In fact, it's downright awful.

The official soundtrack for the new Ghostbusters movie was released today, and is billed as an updated version of Ray Parker Jr's original anthem.

But something gets seriously lost in translation.

Called Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid), it features Patrick Stump's emo-tinged yelps, arena-sized drum kicks, a butchered riff, repeated use of the phrase, "I'm not afraid," and a bonkers mid-song rap by the usually reliable Missy Elliott.


By the time you get to the two-minute mark, with Stump muttering, "Who you calling?" over and over again while a heavy metal riff butchers the classic original, you might start waving goodbye to your childhood memories.

The new Ghostbusters movie, due for release next month, hasn't had much luck, with fans criticising the trailers for lame jokes and lame CGI.

The new song isn't helping, with listeners voicing their opinion on Twitter, with one calling it "pure ear cancer".

In case you need to recover, here's Ray Parker Jr's original theme song, Who You Gonna Call - in all its 80s, synth-fuelled glory: