Pain of infidelity not funny


Husband's inappropriate jokes: My husband came home early one afternoon, and my boyfriend went out of the window through the balcony to try to make an exit. He ended up falling and was hospitalised. My boyfriend also has a wife, and I have no idea what his medical progress is ... the story made local news - about a naked man falling out of the apartment and injuring himself. My husband, who thinks it happened from a neighbour's apartment, keeps making vile jokes about the incident ... I don't want to make a huge deal out of this, but it hurts a lot, not to mention that I can't believe my husband makes light of another man's serious accident. What's a subtle way to get him to stop?

A: You think your problem is your husband's off-colour jokes? Subtlety is not the answer to your current problems ... come clean and take responsibility, although I realise that's unlikely ... I'm not especially sympathetic to your angst when your boyfriend was hospitalised in an attempt to cover up your affair. If the worst thing you have to suffer over the next few weeks are some uncomfortably close-to-home remarks, count yourself lucky. At least you're not the one in traction. If your hope is simply to keep your head down and go back to life as it once was after your boyfriend nearly died to keep your secret, I think you are seeking a return to the status quo at the expense of honesty, commitment, and courage. (Via Dear Prudence on

There's a coop under the stadium

Margaret Glen shares a conversation she had with her grandson, 6.


Grandson: "We are off to the Warriors."

Granny: "Who are they playing?"

Grandson: "The Roosters."

Granny: "Oh, where do they come from?" (meaning where in Australia).

Grandson: "Well Granny, there is a little door on the half way line and they all come out of there."

A knitted zebra crossing could sort the chaos

"I would like to order a few of those knitted zebra crossings for St Johns Rd in Auckland," writes a reader. "Every morning there is heavy traffic heading towards the only entry point of the motorway [Greenlane] ... and oncoming traffic is sometimes backed up along Green Lane East, Remuera Rd, St Johns Rd and the traffic heading the opposite way goes towards the relatively busy Glen Innes train station. Every morning I see bunches of school kids trying to cross the road to their respective bus stops - often without success given there is only one zebra crossing 1km away, pretty much the only crossing for the entire suburb. No traffic islands either. Add the extra traffic for The Block, which means one side of an entire section of the street is filled with parked cars limiting visibility, and we have twice-daily chaos and multiple games of 'school kid chicken' crossing the street."

One of the 1001 uses of a hair-dryer

"I bought a new fridge recently," writes Bev. "The installer told me the best way to remove these stickers is with a hair-dryer! Came off amazingly well without a trace of having been there!"

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