Some bizarre new shows are coming to TV2, including Sex Box, Seven Year Switch and Strip Date. So what the hell are we about to watch?

Sex Box (UK)

It's all in the title: Real life couples have real life sex in a box, then discuss said sex with a former Miss Belgium. That would be Goedele Liekens, author of sophisticated literature like The Vagina Book, The Penis Book and ... wait for it ... The Orgasm Book. The whole thing sounds like the final step towards free-to-air porn, but the Radio Times gave Sex Box show a review smothered in a post-coital glow, saying it "might be just what the blushing Brits need". Viewers seemed confused, some saying it was "cringeworthy", others calling it "weird". We'll see for ourselves in July.

Strip Date (UK)

Not another dating show, I hear you sigh. Yes, actually. But this one has a fashionable twist: in it, new couples dress each other up, then head out on dates. Afterwards, they put on their normal clothes. The shows seems to be trying to say something about how we're all the same underneath our outfits, but it's really just an excuse to dress chavs up as goths. The first episode airs next Friday.

Seven Year Switch (Australia)

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, First Dates, Married at First Sight, Undressed



Kiss Bang Love

- Australia is in the grip of reality romance TV fever, and it's only getting hotter and sweatier.

Seven Year Switch

follows four bored couples who swap partners for 14 days, with no holds barred, and then decide whether they want to stay or go at the end. If they film a New Zealand version, it could just be called

Two Weeks in Tauranga.

Airing date is TBC.