Packages catering to megafans are all the rage. But what do you get for your money? Chris Schulz finds five things he won't be shelling out for.

Meet Selena Gomez!

You could buy a standard ticket to Selena Gomez' upcoming New Zealand show for $99.90. Or you could splash out and get the 'Meet and Greet' package for $519.90. And why the hell wouldn't you? You get a ticket, you get to meet her and take a photo with her - and not just a selfie, this one will be taken by a "professional photographer". It also comes with early entry to the venue, a merchandise item, a laminate AND a tote bag. Selena, you're killing me with your kindness.

Find tickets here.

Meet a wrestler!

Wrestling and I had a moment, back when mini-posters were published in TV Guide and Hacksaw Jim Duggan was toting a 2x4. But there's no way I'm ponying up $995 for a 'Meet and Greet Package' for the event's upcoming Auckland show. For your money, you'll get slathered in sweat thanks to your ringside seat, as well as an autograph book, a handshake with some of the show's tree trunk-armed stars, and your own on-site "greeter". Nearly $1000 for someone to say 'sup' to me? I'll pass. But thanks.

* Find tickets here.

Meet the Venga Boys!

If you actually want to spend $199 on this, the opportunity to meet the Venga Boys, the crew responsible for pop crime Boom Boom Boom Boom, then I have no words. I can't even.

* Find VIP tickets here.

Get a creepy Dishonored mask!

This is the game I'm looking forward to most this year. Have a quick look at it, via this new gameplay trailer revealed at E3 earlier this week.


Great, right? There's time travel, supernatural ninjas, steampunk robots and grisly knifings. I can't wait for November 11. I'll totally buy the hell out of this. But I won't be buying this collector's edition.

For US$99, you get a mask to freak out your neighbours with, a ring that's I'm going to guess is probably not a diamond, and something called an Assassin's Pack, which could be a how-to guide to becoming a ninja (cool), but sadly doesn't seem to include a butterfly knife (less cool).

* Order your Dishonored 2 set here.

Don't meet Slipknot ... but get this laminate!

This might be the worst of the bunch. Tickets for this heavy metal slugfest featuring Slipknot and Lamb of God in October already seem a little steep, currently sitting between $99-$149. If you're keen to double down on your investment, taking the cost to $299 + BF, you'll get the following bonus bits: An "Exclusive Slipknot tour gift," a "Souvenir Slipknot tour laminate" and "Designated check-in with our on-site event staff". That makes me want to go more than a little ...

* Find Slipknot tickets here.