Gone are the days where you sit around having hypothetical arguments about which superhero would win a fight - science has the answer.

Forget films like Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a group of uni students in the UK have crunched the numbers to find out just which hero is the strongest.

At the University of Leicester, a group of comic book fans have employed scientific principles to look at how feasible the powers of the most famous heroes actually are.

The university released the results on June 12, which is widely known as Superman Day, which is fitting, because rationalising with carbon dioxide lasers, solar radiation absorption and skin and muscle density, Superman came out on top of the study.


Some powerful characters - like Scarlet Witch, Dr Strange and Jean Grey - were left out, for having less feasible, magic-based and thus ever-changing powers.

However, The Flash, Thor, Wolverine, and Mystique all fared rather well after Superman, though they found a fair few negatives as well.

For example, it turns out Mystique would have an increased chance of getting cancer, osteoporosis and sarcopenia as a result of her power.

And at the bottom of the list, Batman was found to be the least likely to win in a fight, if for no other reason than gliding around by way of cape - however stylish - would likely result in his death.

You can see the university's full findings here.