Pebbles Hooper is being called out to fight against The Bachelor's Naz Khanjani in an upcoming boxing match.

Craig Stanaway, from Duco Events which is organising the Burger King Road to the Title boxing match, says "Pebbles Hooper is the top of Naz's hit list", calling her the "queen of the keyboard cowards".

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"Only a couple of days ago Pebbles said on Twitter that the one thing she wants more than attention is money, so we're gonna offer her both," says Stanaway.


"Plus we'll pay for her to have a professional trainer, we're giving her exactly what she wants."

While he says Khanjani will "fight anyone", Hoopers "cyber-bully" ways have put her in the headlines.

"Cyber bullying is a major issue facing New Zealand...A physical bruise you can receive in the ring will probably clear up in a week, but the mental bruising caused by trolling has far worse long-term effects," says Stanaway.

"[Hooper] is a woman that tweets that she lives for drama, she's told Naz to 'F off', and my message is to her: say it to her face in the ring, July 21."

In an interview with Woman's Day, Khanjani expressed a similar sentiment toward cyber bullies, saying "this is the perfect opportunity for people to come and say whatever they've got to say to my face".

"To all those keyboard warriors sitting at home writing mean things anonymously; why not stop being cowards and get in the ring? Anyone who wants to fight me, bring it on," said Khanjani.

However, Pebbles Hooper thinks the idea is "ridiculous" and "the funniest thing I've ever heard".

"Realistically, I would have to be paid like a million dollars, because I would need the bare minimum of a million to reconstruct my face after she kicked the s*** out of me. I'm thinking about self-preservation at this point...Naz would just kick my ass," she laughs.

Pebbles Hooper says the fight is
Pebbles Hooper says the fight is "the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard". Photo / Greg Bowker

In response to the cyber-bullying claims in relation to Khanjani, Hooper says, "I've never been a cyber bully to Naz, I've always been team Naz."

"I openly admitted that I was wrong, initially. Television paints a bad picture of somebody, I am one that totally understands that. But...the show would've been beige without her, and more credit to her. I'm totes [totally] team Naz. I love her," she says.

"When it comes to cyber bullying, as someone who has had actual legitimate death threats sent to them, they can f*** off when they decide to call me a cyber bully because I've never said anything or tried to provoke anyone to hurt themselves.

"In all honesty nothing I said was particularly damning...I think she would've received some pretty nasty s***, and mine won't have even skimmed the surface. So if they want to get someone who's a cyber bully, they'll need to trawl a little bit further than me, and I'm sure they'll get someone a lot cheaper than me, as well."

She maintains, "this is the most unlikely event that you could possibly, ever imagine".

Khanjani will fight as the undercard to the main Burger King Road to the Title fight between Joseph Parker and Solomon Haumono at Christchurch's Hornscastle arena on July 21.