Jordan Mauger is hardly nursing a broken heart after failing to find love on The Bachelor NZ.

Last week the 32-year-old told a women's magazine that he was single and would consider jumping back into the dating scene soon.

And today a video emerged online of him unleashing some unique dance moves with a mystery blonde at an Auckland nightclub.

In the video - posted to social media by Pebbles Hooper - Mauger is seen dancing provocatively with the blonde to rapper Ice Cube's hit You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It).


He is cheered on by other club-goers as the woman peels off her jacket, and backs on to him in a "booty-style" move.

She then playfully slaps his bottom while Mauger laps up the attention and happily wiggles his bum back at her.

Mauger was vilified for dumping Fleur Verhoeven just days after she was crowned the winner of the Bachelor NZ last month. Verhoeven claimed the break-up had surprised her and she'd wanted to continue to pursue a relationship with Mauger.

Mauger responded that Verhoeven wasn't truthful in her post-show interviews, saying he was open and honest about the fact he was having doubts about their relationship after filming finished.

"To have a broken heart, you have to be in love first. And we definitely weren't in love," he told Woman's Day.

Following the controversial split with Verhoeven, Mauger claimed his family were verbally abused and sent threats.

In a post on Facebook, Mauger wrote: "I am so very grateful to have the friends that I do. You are the ones that truly know me without the bowtie, champagne and roses... Without your love and support, I'd still be lost in this storm of hate," he wrote.

"I may not have found it on the show, but I've sure got love with my friends."

Further eyebrows were raised when runner-up Naz Khanjani revealed she and Mauger had slept together "more than once" to several publications.

Verhoeven said being dumped so soon after the show ended had been "an emotional rollercoaster" but she had no ill feelings towards Mauger.

"The last thing I want is for him and his family to be treated the way they are... he does not deserve this and the way he has is being portrayed is not the guy I developed feelings for."