Jamie Lee Curtis is a massive gamer nerd - and we're all reaping the red carpet rewards.

The 57-year-old star of Freaky Friday and Scream Queens arrived at the premiere of the new sci-fi fantasy film Warcraft in an outfit that begged the question 'WHAT are you wearing?', rather than the usual 'Who are you wearing?'

Curtis rocked the red carpet in full sci-fi cosplay attire, dressed as an Orc from the world of Azeroth. She had it all: the cape, the headdress, the sceptre, even the green skin.

Keeping it in the family, her 20-year-old son Thomas Guest accompanied her in full Orc attire. They were excited to see the film, which is a big-screen adaptation of the Warcraft video game series.


"We're serious about our games," Curtis told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet.

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Showing off her geek credentials, she even joined a fan to scream "Leeroy Jenkins" for a Twitter video. "Leeroy Jenkins" is a gaming meme that emerged in 2005 after a player named Ben Schulz created a video in which a player runs into the battlefield alone yelling the name, causing everyone on his team to die.

Some on social media were quick to point out that Curtis has form in this area - she's been known for her love of cosplay for years now:

Jamie Lee Curtis: Hollywood's coolest nerd.