If Gareth Morgan strapped a GPS tracker to your cat, this would be the likely satellite image of his/her gadding about. An Australian government-funded project reckons cats explore directly around their home, then make one or two journeys much further away. The project is designed to show just how much cats roam at night, and the trouble they can cause wildlife.

Strange but true

1. In 1996, a small town in Utah mistakenly booked Rage Against the Machine at a venue for tractor and monster truck shows. The booking was made under the misapprehension that "Rage Against the Machine" was the name of a touring tractor-pull or monster truck rally. The locals panicked and businesses boarded up, thinking the band's followers would riot and vandalise everything.

2.There's such a thing as a TomTato, which is a hybrid of a tomato and potato plant. It grows tomatoes above ground, and potatoes below. It was developed by horticulturists Thompson and Morgan. From their website: "Tomatoes are members of the potato family and are therefore naturally compatible with potatoes. Each TomTato plant is specially grafted by hand to create this unique double cropping feature. There's no genetic modification - it's an all-natural and safe process."

Progress on sexism moves slowly, slowly

Until just a few days ago, a divorced woman in Japan had to wait at least six months before being allowed to remarry, while men did not have to wait at all. The Supreme Court decided the code was unconstitutional and passed an amendment quashing the silly rule last week. However, MPs decided to keep the other silly law that said if the woman was pregnant, she would still have to wait 100 days before remarrying. The law was first introduced in the 1890s, when there were concerns over how to identify a father if a divorced woman happened to be pregnant.


Number plate on point

Christine Smith of Botany Downs writes: "As we sat in a drive-through queue for a rare KFC treat after a day out we tried to interpret a number plate on a vehicle in front of us - QUPNWT. We decided it meant "Queue up 'n' wait" and considering our wait was more than 20 minutes, we had a laugh and wondered if it was something that car owner did often. We also vowed to never sit in the drive-through again - at least you can walk out of the store if you get tired of waiting."

Picture this:

Even though Dunedin is renowned for its historic buildings; we were blown away at the spotting of

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