Bachelor contestant Naz Khanjani has apologised for her behaviour in the show's final episode.

The controversial finalist posted a video to her Facebook page titled 'A Message to the Nation - I'm Sorry. X'.

"I feel like this needs to be done.

"And it's taken me some time to get this video together because I wanted the dust to settle a little bit."


"I'm sorry for swearing on national television," she continues. "I don't expect anyone to understand. But I want you to know it was one of the toughest situations I've been in in my whole entire life.

"Not many people know this, but I was crying so much before I went on stage that night. Not because I was scared, but because this whole thing has been such an emotional rollercoaster.

"I wish that I had handled the whole thing a lot better. I don't regret standing up for myself, because it's just who I am, but I should have had better choices of words."

In the video Ms Khanjani hit back at the criticism she has received since appearing on the show.

"For those of you who think they know me through a reality TV show, through the media, or whatever, and have taken their precious times to leave comments on social media - just remember, I dropped a couple of f-bombs under a lot of pressure - that doesn't even compare to half the things some of you have written. What does that make you?

"The whole point of this video was to apologise - and I have. So thank you for taking the time to watch. Your time is really, really appreciated.

"And thank you to everyone who stuck right beside me from the start. Love you all."