Lionsgate is remaking the Power Rangers, and they're also planning on a sequel, and maybe even five more after that.

The people that brought you three Hunger Games films and four Twilight films, have one Power Rangers film coming out this year but, of course, one's not enough.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer says the studio is "really, really excited" about the movie, and says they "could see doing five or six or seven".

Officially, they haven't even managed to green light a sequel, but Wall Street observers reckon it could be what the studio needs to make a comeback after a few disappointing releases.


However, others, such as Vogel Capital Management CEO Hal Vogel, say "seven films is delusional".

"Anyone who knows this business will find it a good run if three in a row are successful ... This is a stretch."