Four and a half hours a week? Forty-five hours in total? Committing to The Block's new season is a crazy thing to do. Here are some suggestions for a better use of your time.

Do some actual renovating

You can sand and paint an entire room in four-and-a-half hours. Probably. I wouldn't know. I hate sanding and painting. But just ask this kid. He probably gave his parents' lounge this modern makeover in about 30 seconds.

Rewatch all six episodes of Game of Thrones' latest season

Who doesn't want to watch that Hodor scene again? Or Benjen Stark prepare fresh rabbit jus in a forest? Or Tormund's giddy fascination with Brienne?

Make 18 recipes from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals cookbook

Sure, your kitchen will resemble the aftermath of an episode of Leigh Hart's Speed Cooking afterwards, and you'll need two days to clean up the mess.

But hey, you've got lunch and dinner for more than two weeks sorted. Eat that.


Listen to Justin Bieber's Sorry 84 times

What? It's a great song.

Get tickled for 4.5 hours

Because surely being tickled by a feather-duster-wielding David Farrier for 270 minutes is a better use of your time. So is literally anything else.

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