An Aussie media commentator has issued an apology after coming under fire for implying Amber Heard's bisexuality was to blame for her troubles with Johnny Depp.

Heard filed for divorce from Depp, and got a restraining order against him after making allegations he abused her.

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Peter Ford, a media commentator on Channel 7's The Morning Show, was called on to discuss how the divorce and allegations are affecting Depp's movie Alice Through The Looking Glass, but he said:


"I probably shouldn't say this, I'll probably get in trouble,'s not wise to marry a bisexual.

"This is what Johnny Depp has done here, with Amber Heard, and she was in a very legally committed relationship, a marriage, a legal marriage, to another woman when Johnny came along, and she decided to travel across to the other side."

Ford's comment was greeted with outrage and he received numerous complaints via social media.

He has since issued a formal apology on the show which was posted to their Twitter account.

He says it was a "little, stupid, throwaway line" and "some people objected to it...which is fine, we all have opinions".

He goes on to say that after speaking with people on social media, and consulting a leading psychologist, he's had the situation clarified.

"What has been explained to me is, just because a person is bisexual, if they commit into a relationship the evidence is there that there's no more or less chance that it's going to fail, just because one person in the relationship is bisexual," he said.

"So I totally take that on board. Here I am in my late 20s and still learning things."