If you ever had a lifelong dream of playing bubble soccer with Papa Roach (who hasn't?) this is your chance.

The rockers have started a crowdfunding effort via PledgeMusic to fund their next album, and the things they're selling off are...kind of weird.

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The pledge rewards start out normal: digital downloads, signed vinyl, band merchandise and the like.


Then it gets interesting: a disposable camera filled with photos taken by the band behind the scenes, a voicemail greeting recording, a Skype call with one of the band members.

Then, as the price points get higher, things step up - for about $370 they'll sing happy birthday to you and for just under $750 you can get the fridge from their studio or a Skype bass lesson with Tobin Esperance.

For just under $1500 you can play bubble soccer with the band, for $2000 you can spend a day in the studio with the band, and just under $3000 will buy you the baby prop from the Lovehatetragedy album cover.

If you're especially rich, you can grab a private show for about $111,000 and if you've got a spare $895,000 or so, you can buy the band's whole studio and contents.