Sergeant Catherine Cawood went through hell on the first series of the Bafta Award-winning drama Happy Valley.

The West Yorkshire copper was still grieving after the suicide of her daughter who had given birth to a son after being raped by the psychopath, Tommy Lee Royce, who Cawood eventually put away for his role in a kidnapping and murder.

Now, in the second season, Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) is back at work - when she's not caring for her grandson - and while out investigating a case of sheep rustling, finds the decomposed body of a murder victim in a garage.

This sparks a hunt for a serial killer.


"The inspiration for series two has been a desire to see more of Catherine and the world she lives in - how she copes when she realises she hasn't laid all the ghosts to rest," says the show's writer-director Sally Wainwright.

Royce (James Norton) might be behind bars but he still figures in the storylines, especially as he wants to establish contact with his now school-age son.

Where: OneWhen: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30pmWhat: It's still grim up north