Scar horror

Q: What's the story behind your most impressive scar?

A: About 39 years ago I was ripped from a very comforting, fluidy cave and without my consent they severed my lifeline. As a result I have a permanent scar about 7 inches below my sternum that often collects lint. (Source

Now that's smart


A different kind of smarts. This happened at a fencing course held at a country school Malcolm Joint taught at. He writes: "The teacher in charge had discarded overalls into the boot of the car then closed the boot. The visiting tutor then realised that he had left the car keys in the pocket of his overalls. So the pair start removing the rear seat from the car to get at the keys. Along comes Roger (not his real name) and asks what the problem is. Now Roger is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box, but the teacher humours him as they struggle to remove the back seat. Roger opens the driver's door and pops the boot release. So much for academic brainpower."

Update on the Erotic Eggplant sale on Trade Me

Any excuse to run this picture again.
Any excuse to run this picture again.

Even after raising considerable awareness through international media, the classic ratatouille ingredient measuring an upstanding 17.8cm long with a 10cm circumference, sold for only $115. To Louise in Tauranga. All proceeds went to New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Billing ploy

The Psychology of the Prompt Payment Discount.

Graham Carter, of Herne Bay, writes: "In response to your Westmere reader, utility bills use the term 'prompt payment discount' to sanitise a late-payment surcharge. 'Discount' sounds better to the householder than 'surcharge'. It is not a discount, it is a thinly veiled threat. The utilities' initial usage and standing rates include the 'surcharge' so that they can 'discount' it."

Tense times in the city

Picture this:


...(hair is not everybody's crowning glory)...

Good point, well made: "Two boatloads of tourists in Australia a huge gathering of tiger sharks tearing apart a humpback whale, filling the crystal clear waters off Dirk Hartog Island with a murky death cloud of fresh whale blood. In other words, fun for the whole family..."Read more here.

Video: Dry ice in an infinity swimming pool is cool as...

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