A driver has been caught on dash-cam towing a lit wood-fired pizza oven while hurtling along a motorway in New South Wales. "One wonders if this is very safe," Kerri Lacey, the driver of the vehicle filming the incident, can be heard saying. It may not be safe, but it is legal in Australia to have the fire going in the oven. It's okay as long as you have a front door - no different to a steam train, authorities advised.

Amazon fights theft with fear

Amazon has taken a rather dystopian approach to deterring employee theft by using electronic billboards to keep staff updated on all the recent thefts, according to cracked.com. This is in addition to the 90-second pat- down all employees endure every time they enter or leave the warehouse. The company doesn't name and shame its now former employees, instead the billboards have the word "Terminated" emblazoned across shadowy figures.

Lesser known facts about plastic surgery ...

1. Breast implants can cause motion artefacts. Huh? When a breast implant is inserted in a subpectoral incision under muscle tissue, it can give off the appearance of remaining stationary while the rest of the breast moves during physical activity, creating a visual ripple effect.

2. Not all cosmetic surgery is focused on restoring a youthful appearance: Some people just want to look happier. Many Botox patients are there because people think they're angry all the time, so they want to correct a frown or a heavy brow. People ready to go on the job market for the first time in years may want to appear more awake - or sober. Sometimes heavy eyelids can give the impression of a drinker or an insomniac.


3. Surgeons are topographers, marking areas of the body that may change shape or become less visible when a patient is lying down. No special medical ink is used: It's just a Sharpie.

4. Plastic surgeons do work with people in witness protection, just like in the movies. They also work on covert military operatives who have had their name and image published in media and run the risk of being recognised. (Read more here on Mental Floss)

Dirty bedroom habits

The lack of frequency in the bedsheets-changing department doesn't surprise me, writes a reader. "When hubby decided we were doing too much laundry, he thought we could cut back on washing the sheets. He asked if I changed them monthly, thinking we could drop down to 6-8 weekly. He was astounded when I said I changed them weekly. Geez, even monthly, imagine the state of the bed. Ewww."

Good read #1:

The case against baths..."I didn't get the notion of a bath as something transporting, an escape from the overwhelming pressures of the average female life...I now know that there is a cottage industry connected to bathing. And although it existed before Oprah, Oprah blew it way up. For years, she has championed the notion of the bath as luxury, as the ultimate, deserved self-indulgence."


Video: This Lyn of Tawa fronted documentary - In Search of the Great New Zealand Male - needs an update, I reckon. The typical New Zealand male would have certainly changed in the last 22 years. She asked Tom Scott to describe the attributes of the typical New Zealand male and he said: "He's in his early 30s, he's 1.2 children, about to have a vasectomy, went to the birth, changes the nappies and would like to have an affair with April Ieremia." Watch it here.

Good read #2: How hungry you are may be linked to how much food you should eat...
Video: Brazen shoplifting seagull...

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