David Hasselhoff has asked a judge to lower his US$21,000 monthly spousal-support payments to ex-wife Pamela Bach.

According to TMZ, The former Baywatch star told the court that he has less than US$4000 in the bank and is constantly on the hunt for work.

Before you shed tears for the Knight Rider legend, let's look at the numbers.

According to TMZ, the Hoff isn't exactly broke. The 63-year-old actor reports grossing US$112,000 a month, which adds up to more than US$1.34 million a year.


And his expenses, by his own admission, only total US$66,000 a month (or US$792,000 a year). Even factoring in the US$252,000 that Hasselhoff currently pays Bach, to whom he was married for more than 15 years, that still leaves US$300,000 spending money. Bach claims he has millions more in international real estate and other assets.

There may be clues to where the money goes in an interview that Hasselhoff's fiance Hayley Roberts gave to the British newspaper the Sun. Roberts, 36, had been working as a "shop girl" in Wales when she asked Hasselhoff to pose for a photo with her. He agreed, and requested her number in return. Roberts recounts that on their first date Hasselhoff flew her to a spa in the Swiss Alps. Since then, they've travelled the world together, she says, visiting Europe, Australia and Africa.

But TMZ reports that the Hoff's European concert tour has been cut short because of slow ticket sales, and that the actor has expressed doubts that his new mockumentary show, Hoff the Record, will bring him big bucks. So he's pounding the pavement for new job opportunities, he says.

Hasselhoff has a role in the new Baywatch movie staring Dwayne Johnson, due out next northern summer. Let's hope the film does well, and that Hasselhoff's bank account sees a little bounce.

A hearing in the spousal-support case is set for the end of the month.