Dax Shepard booked a vasectomy after his wife Kristen Bell had a pregnancy scare.

The couple already have two daughters, Lincoln, three and 17-month-old Delta, together and Dax admitted he had the procedure mere days after Kristen thought she could be pregnant for the third time.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he said: "Last year, my wife was working in Atlanta. We were there and she all of a sudden goes, 'Oh, my gosh! I'm so stupid. I've been sick for 10 days and ignoring it; I'm definitely pregnant'.

"And I was like, 'We're going to turn into 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' or something. We already have no life! This is going to be not worth living.' I freaked out.


"For eight hours I was like imagining my life with all these kids.

"That was Tuesday. I flew home Wednesday for a meeting. Thursday morning I had a vasectomy. I had a vasectomy and Kristen was not thrilled that I did it so quickly."

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However, Dax, 41, admitted that there was a positive side to the whole experience.

He said: "It's pretty great, because they knock you out for it. The guy said, 'You want me to check your prostate while you're out?' I said, 'You do everything anal you need to do. Leave no stone unturned. I don't want to hear about any other checkups for a while.'"

- Bang! Showbiz