A countdown clock called Prophets of Rage has fans speculating that a Rage Against the Machine reunion is imminent.

The clock, launched at prophetsofrage.com, is set to tick away until it expires on June 1.

The clock is accompanied by an image of a broken slash through a circle with silhouettes of five people all extending their arms and clenched fists with the hashtag #takethepowerback - a reference to the Rage song of the same name.

The same poster has been seen posted on streets around Los Angeles.


People can then input their email address, where they will then receive an email labeled "Clear the Way" with in image inside reading "Clear the way for the prophets of rage," which is a line from the Public Enemy song "Prophets of Rage."

Fuelling the internet fires was a tweet from Public Enemy's Chuck D, who posted a video of Rage Against the Machine performing Bulls on Parade live in 2010 to his Twitter page.

This led some fans to believe Rage planned to tour with Public Enemy.

But a source cited by Rolling Stone claimed the website didn't indicate "a Rage-specific reunion", claiming there was "a lot more to it" with "a lot of moving parts".

Rage haven't performed together since 2011, and were last in New Zealand headlining the 2008 Big Day Out. Their last album Renegades was released in 2000.