The weather reporter whose live broadcast was interrupted so she could cover a revealing dress, has finally spoken about the incident.

Liberte Chan's KTLA co-worker stopped her weather report to hand her a sweater because they'd had complaints from viewers that the dress was inappropriate.

There was public outcry calling for the station to make an apology for its "sexist" and "unprofessional" approach to the situation.

Weather reporter forced to cover up mid-broadcast due to complaints
Station responds to weather reporter shaming on live TV


But Chan wrote a blog addressing the outcry saying she was not ordered to put the sweater on, she was simply "playing along" with a co-worker's joke.

"If you've ever watched the morning show, you know we poke fun at each other all the time," she wrote.

"My bosses did not order me to put on the cardigan, it was a spontaneous moment. I truly love my job, I like my bosses and enjoy working with my co-workers. Since talking to my team, I want our viewers to know it was never our intention to offend anyone. We are friends on and off the air and if you watch our newscast, you know that."

However, in an interview with Time, Chan did say she was "shocked" and "hurt" that people complained in the first place.

"Do people go into your work and complain about what you're wearing?" she said.

And it hasn't stopped, since - she's continued to receive emails criticising her appearance.

"I've gotten emails that say, 'She has fatty arms. She has this. She has that' a meteorologist, you're in a very vulnerable situation," she told Time.

"You're showing your entire body. It became much more about my body than my brain. This has turned into a much bigger issue than just a sweater."