Avril Lavigne has just gone on a Twitter rant in defence of Nickelback.

Her response comes after E News posted an article about how Donald Trump was the one thing people liked less than Nickelback.

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"It's no secret pretty much everyone hates the Canadian rock band more than dog poo on a shoe," the article reads.


"Much to everyone's surprise, however, there is one thing people dislike even more than the band. We know, right? What could it be? A dead phone with no charger? Harry Styles with no hair? Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?".

Lavigne, who was married to Nickelback's lead singer Chad Kroeger, tweeted the article adding "Hey E News and everyone writing these articles ... grow up ... this is extremely rude and uncalled for".

She went on to add that Nickelback had 17 No 1 singles and were "adored by millions worldwide".

"I've seen their sold out shows ... enough is enough! You can't live a positive life with a negative mind," the singer wrote, adding a hashtag which reads "spread more love than hate".