Resurrections, reboots, sequels and some time travel LOLs. Chris Schulz takes a look at some of the new trailers coming out of America's new TV season launch.

Prison Break

Lori's alive! No, wait - wrong show. That's just Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead popping up in the resurrected fifth season of Prison Break. The plot sounds absolutely, totally, 100 per cent revolutionary: Michael's stuck in prison, his brother's there to help him get out, tattoos are involved and ... I think we know how this one goes from here.

24: Legacy

Kiefer Sutherland's too busy singing terrible country songs to show up for season 10 of 24, so there's an all new Jack Bauer - and he doesn't look too bad. "I'm the only one I can trust," is the first great Bauer-ism spouted by Eric Carter (Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins) in this action-packed trailer, which looks typically twisty and turny.

UnREAL - season two

Considering we just had our very own UnREAL play out on screens here thanks to The Bachelor NZ's second season, this one might hit too close to home. But I freaking loved UnREAL's first season, and this trailer shows season two doesn't lose its behind-the-scenes freakout sparkle.

The Exorcist

Creep ... creep ... boo! And that's just Geena Davis' face. This one has creepy ghost girls girls in the attic, creepy ghost boys in bed, and just lots of creepy creeps all around. Colour me creepy.


Making History

A comedy featuring two mismatched dudes travelling back in time ... no, wait, come back! This isn't Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure On TV, it's a new sitcom from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys responsible for the really quite good 21 Jump Street, it's sequel 22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie. I'm into it.

Lethal Weapon

Of all the things the world doesn't need, it's a TV version of any film starring Mel Gibson. Can Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford match the chemistry of Mel Glover and Gibson? Unlikely, but watch this trailer before you make up your mind.

Mr Robot - season two

I tried. I mean, I really tried hard to like this show. But I guessed the plot twist too early, and from there just couldn't be bothered. And that's despite a friend spending actual minutes trying to persuade me that Mr Robot is truly better than Breaking Bad. Still, this trailer for season two may make me try again - it's twisted af.

Mariah's World

Watch this, just so you can hear Mariah Carey say: "I have a rule that states I won't be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. I know - it's very '90s."