A Timaru girl has gone viral after making a Bachelorette-style video in a bid to find a date to her school ball.

The video shows 16-year-old Maggie Bolina in an interview setting talking about past heartbreaks and life struggles, interspersed with pictures of her face Photoshopped onto celebrities and posing with her "boyfriend" singer Jason Derulo.

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Intended simply as some fun, the video has had nearly 6000 views since Sunday night, and left Bolina fending off offers from boys - and girls - from around the country and abroad.


"I'm so nervous, I don't even know why, I just didn't think the video was going to be like that," says Bolina, who is struggling to comprehend the video's popularity.

It started one school morning at Timaru's Craighead Diocesan as friends tried to resolve the fact that Bolina is single and doesn't have a date to the ball.

Bolina, a long time Bach fan, threw the idea of the video out there, but "instead of looking for love, looking for a ball partner" and her friend Laura Zonnevylle ran with it.

Together, the pair shot and edited the video and planned its released for Sunday night when all their friends would be home and looking at Facebook.

And while the video was just for fun, Bolina has every intention of giving out that fateful final rose.

"I am genuinely looking for a ball partner. I just wanted to find a different way of finding one and have a bit of fun as well," she says.

"The plan is to give them a series of questions and then choose the winner of the final rose based on that. The ball is on July 29, I've told people I'll choose by June 22 but some people don't want it that late so we'll see."

Bolina intends to keep us updated via her Facebook page.