Woman's Day

has marked the week-long buffet of Bachelor scandal with three double-page spreads and a front page devoted to the drama.

There was no "happily ever after" in the second season of the reality television show, as the woman who seemingly won Jordan Mauger's heart, Fleur Verhoeven, was dumped a mere 48 hours later.

Twenty-four hours before the break-up, Woman's Day revealed the cracks were already beginning to show.


Editor Sido Kitchin addressed the seemingly lacklustre chemistry between the pair at the winner's photo shoot in her editorial. "... our Bachelor reporter Ashleigh, who has lived and breathed this series since before it even began, came back from our winners' cover shoot pale and shaking. 'Something's not right,' she said. 'That was the weirdest shoot ever ... something was off'."

While the Woman's Day initial cover story evidently took an unexpected twist, images from the shoot still made the mag's pages - albeit also with images of Nazanin Khanjani posing in a bright lime bikini on the front cover and inside the magazine.

Khanjani this evening changed her profile picture on Facebook to the cover image. The magazine is now on sale.

Rumour was rife that the spark is likely still burning bright between Mauger and Khanjani, with the magazine reporting the pair were spotted in the Auckland suburb of Ponsonby on the same night he dumped Verhoeven.

The newly single Bachelor told the women's magazine that he had no regrets in taking part and was not just in it for the "fame" as has been alleged in previous media reports.

"I was totally in it for the right reasons," he insisted.

Verhoeven also responded to Woman's Day, saying she respected Mauger's honesty and the pair remained friends.

"What went on between the two of us is something only we know. No-one would know we are still in contact and supporting each other - as friends."