It's expected that Hunt for the Wilderpeople will overhaul Boy as the all-time New Zealand box office champ any day now.

Taika Waititi's runaway hit movie had posted a gross of $9,094,958 after last weekend, not far off that of his earlier success, Boy, which had cinema takings of $9,237,976 in 2010.

With the opening of Captain America: Civil War sucking more than $2 million out of the NZ box office, Wilderpeople's weekend take suffered its first significant slump since its its opening with with a near 50 per cent reduction and a gross of $498,347.

Still, Waititi's latest has taken only six weeks to nearly match Boy's chart-topping figure, reached after a couple of months.


Captain America: Civil War was the second biggest opening at the NZ box office after the $2.4 million posted by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has virtually finished its local cinematic run with a gross of $4.8 million.