Jordan Mauger says his final decision on The Bachelor - Fleur, or Naz? - was made with a TV producer pounding on his door.

Mauger chose Fleur Verhoeven over Naz Khanjani in Monday night's highly anticipated finale, an episode watched by 434,000 Kiwis.

But Mauger admits his decision on who would win the show's second season went "down to the wire".

"It was a major decision and I didn't want to jump into it lightly. I took the time to read back over some light notes and moments I'd written down, and went over it again and again," he told the Herald.


"They came knocking on the door going, 'Hey, Jordan, what's it going to be?' I gave them a name ... then they knew who to put on the helicopter first, then second."

Khanjani was first and she burst into tears as Mauger broke the bad news to her on a clifftop in Annandale near Mauger's hometown, Akaroa.

She had become a firm favourite despite her competitive nature sparking rumours she'd been planted in the show by producers.

With his arm draped over Verhoeven, Mauger told the Herald the key factor in his decision was "consistency".

"[It was] the accumulation of the moments we'd had from the beginning. The consistency that Fleur had, and what [those moments] meant to me, was the deciding factor."

A beaming Verhoeven, who is moving to Auckland from her hometown of Waipawa to live closer to Mauger, was ready for things to swing the other way.

"I was very realistic, I knew what we had was really good [but] I knew his connection with Naz was really strong.

"I knew I had done ... all I could have done."

Jordan Mauger chose Fleur Verhoeven in the final episode of The Bachelor.
Jordan Mauger chose Fleur Verhoeven in the final episode of The Bachelor.

She admitted struggling to watch the show's more recent episodes, when Mauger's relationships with other contestants got deeper.

"To see him have connections with other girls, it's not easy. I know it's there, if I can avoid watching it, that's what I'll do," she said.

After months of scrutiny, the pair are taking it one day at a time and aren't making any big statements about their relationship.

"We'll get these interviews out of the way, and just chill," said Mauger. "We need to debrief. It's those very simple open chats about where we've come, what we're doing and what we want to do in the future. That conversation is yet to happen.

Verhoeven: "Let's start fresh, head out, get to know one another and just have fun."