"This car has been on a Parakai road for a month now and I reported it when it first appeared," writes Andy. "Called again this morning to be told "it may take some months because parking have to determine whether it has been abandoned". I think you can safely say nobody will be coming to drive it away. If it was outside a councillor's house it would have been picked up within hours!"

Homer the great thinker

"I was having a bit of a yarn with one of my grandsons the other day, somehow we got on to the subject of great thinkers," writes Cally Clarke of Tokoroa. "I asked him what he thought of Homer. His reply was that he can't really say much about him as he doesn't really get home early enough to watch him. I am pushing 80 and he is nearly 21. I suppose that explains things."

An unbelievable excuse for red-light running

Matt received a call from Birkenhead Transport about a complaint he'd made on a driver running a red light. "The manager said he had spoken to the driver who said: "I stopped at the lights and the sun was in my eyes, so I asked a passenger what the lights were doing. They said 'green' so I drove through the intersection". Have any of your readers heard a more unbelievable excuse for a traffic violation?"

Prejudice, no strings attached

A reader, on the subject of the landlord who showed prejudice towards guitar-owning tenants, says this: "Let's say in New Zealand 30 per cent of households have a guitar - 1.3 million, that's about 340,000 houses with guitars. I can't begin to imagine how it would be 'fair that the landlord be concerned' due to someone owning a guitar, unless perhaps they had had a bad experience with someone who owned a guitar. Or shoes. Or a car. Or a pot plant ... all of which have been known to be owned by bad tenants."


That's bordering on weird guitar prejudice

"Guitars can turn encounters weird," writes a reader. "Once I went through French Customs with a guitar visible on the back seat. The police grabbed it and rushed off to examine it - drugs I suppose. Oddly some months later I went through the same port with a flamenco guitar in a case. No reaction from the police at all. Presumably flamenco guitarists don't smuggle drugs but 12-string guitar players do. Curious isn't it?"

Unintentionally morbid, these novelty ice cubes where used at a baby shower.
Unintentionally morbid, these novelty ice cubes where used at a baby shower.

Picture this:

Co-workers Photoshopp

into photos...

Video: Captain Europe is a clever Captain America parody that imagines how the Marvel superhero would act in different European countries.

(by Norwegian comedy duo Pistol Shrimps)

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