Jordan Mauger hasn't seen his new girlfriend since filming wrapped on The Bachelor NZ more than a month ago.

That will change tomorrow when Mauger chooses between Hamilton landscaper Naz Khanjani, 25, and Waipawa youth worker Fleur Verhoeven, 26, to reveal the winner of the reality show's second season.

The 32-year-old told the Herald on Sunday he and the winning girl had remained together since filming ended, but they hadn't been able to see each other for fear of spoiling the finale.

"We haven't been together face-to-face," he said.


"There's been a lot of correspondence between messages and phone calls. I just want to see her at a barbecue with my mates, at my favourite restaurant, in my lifestyle. This is what we've been craving since the very beginning."

Mauger has spent the past two months dating 23 girls, enjoying group and one-on-one dates before eliminating one each episode to work his way down to the final two.

While he's looking forward to revealing the winner, Mauger said he wasn't cherishing being "roasted" when the girls reunite with him for the Women Tell All special, airing the night after the final.

"I haven't seen them for quite some time and gee we went through a lot together," he said. "One of the questions they'll want answered is, 'Why was I sent home?' It's The Bachelor. Someone has to go home. Unfortunately you have to let go of 22 girls to find the one."

Erin Higgins, who was eliminated last week after refusing Mauger's offer of a sleepover, told the Herald this week she had been surprised by how many of the contestants Mauger had kissed.

Mauger was seen making out with at least seven of the girls - some several times, including Storm Halkett, Rebecca Trelease and Higgins, as well as the finalists Khanjani and Verhoeven.

Mauger said he got wrapped up in the show's more romantic moments.

"If you see those shots where I was making out with someone, they're pretty romantic. There was sun-dusted grass, we were on the beach, they were straight out of a movie.


"You couldn't help but feel so strongly when you're with the right girl [and] that moment just happened.

"If you start trying to be hesitant, or think outside that moment, you're not going to make a good connection."

Mauger has also been accused of playing up some of the show's more dramatic moments, especially when he needed a pep talk from host Mike Puru during a rose ceremony. It was as dramatic as it seemed on TV, said Mauger, who also owned up to making some last-minute decisions when handing out roses.

"When you've got two girls and one rose left, it goes through your mind, 'Am I making the right decision?' It's very intense. There were times I would make that decision leading up to the rose ceremony [because] they've done nothing to upset you, they've done everything right, you've had amazing times, then you have to send someone home. You never have enough time."