There has been much discussion over the horrific scene in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, involving loose cannon Ramsay Bolton shanking his father and feeding his step-mother and newborn baby brother to the hounds. In light of this, we take a look at some of the other grisly Thrones death scenes that made us squirm.

1. Spear through the head

Admittedly, it was a great way to kick off season six, but seeing a spear impaled through a man's skull is always going to make one wince.

Sand Snake Obara (played by Kiwi actress Keisha Castle-Hughes) took out her cousin Prince Trystane Martell in the most savage way - a spear straight through his head. Lesson number one: Never turn your back on a Sand Snake.

2. Burnt alive

No scenes are more tragic than Princess Shireen Baratheon being burnt alive at the stake. Her 'sacrifice' to the Lord of Light is absolutely horrific, the poor girl gets tricked by her father Stannis Baratheon and ends her life in screams, begging for her parents to make it stop. It's really hard to watch. And it's even more heartbreaking knowing that her sacrifice is in vain.

3. Poisoned wine

Ah, Joffrey. He definitely got what he deserved, but that didn't make his death any less grisly. After the devastating Red Wedding, it was fitting for King Joffrey to die at his own wedding, after being poisoned. It's hard to forget his puffed up purple face and bulging eyes. What a way to go ...


4. Skull crushed

In one of the more violent moments on the show, Oberyn Martell takes on The Mountain - it doesn't turn out so well for Oberyn. Just when we think he might win the battle to the death, his emotions get the better of him and he's overcome by the force of The Mountain's strength.

He ends up getting his eyes gouged in and his brain matter splattered across the courtyard. Zombie Mountain 2.0 is still going strong, in the most recent episode he crushed another man's skull against a wall for slighting Cersei Lannister.

5. Stabbing, so much stabbing

This scene at the end of season was pretty brutal, not just because of the numerous amounts of stabbings poor Jon takes, but the fact that he was completely betrayed by the Nights Watch. Poor Jon. Luckily fans can now rejoice that one of the show's most beloved characters is back and will no doubt be, ready to kick butt.