Jordan Mauger has eliminated Erin from The Bachelor NZ after she refused to spend the night with him during the show's notorious sleepover episode.

That leaves two girls, Naz and Fleur, in the running for Mauger's heart, with the winner being revealed in next Monday's finale.

In tonight's episode, Erin was offered the opportunity to spend the night with Mauger after a date that included white water rafting and a cosy fireside meal.

When Mauger offered the North Shore super yacht worker to stay the night, Erin replied: "As much as I would love to cook you scrambled eggs and see the sunrise, I think I'm not going to take you up on the offer, but thank you very much ...


"I want that special moment to just be us."

Mauger said he respected Erin's decision, but admitted he was "disappointed". He then chose to send her home at the rose ceremony, after separate dates with Naz and Fleur revealed they had accepted his offer of a sleepover.

"Obviously we weren't meant to be. I'm glad I got to know you," said Erin after saying goodbye.

"Jordan's a great guy but obviously we weren't meant to be together. I'm excited for what the world has to offer."

After the episode, she posted a message on Facebook saying she was "ready for the next adventure".

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Words can not describe how grateful I am for every single message of love and support!...

Posted by Erin Higgins on Tuesday, 3 May 2016

On season one of the show, Matilda Rice was the only one to turn down Art Green during the sleepover segment but went on to win.

Earlier in the episode, the contestants headed to Mauger's home in Canterbury for a series of one-on-one dates, before he offered each the opportunity for a sleepover.

After their date, Fleur admitted she had strong feelings for Mauger, and said: "I could see myself falling in love with him."

Naz went speedboating with Mauger before relaxing back in some long grass in front of a remote bach for a deep and meaningful in which she admitted she wished she'd trusted Mauger more "from the start".

"What Jordan and I have is really strong. I can't imagine the other girls having a connections as strong as what we have," said Naz.

She paused, and said "ummm", when asked if she'd like to stay the night, before saying yes. "Today's about us and this could be our last one-on-one time together," she said.

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She received the first rose from Mauger at the ceremony, and posted this tweet shortly after the ceremony aired.

On Twitter after the show, many picked Naz to win.