We've seen him play a rough and ready bogan and his dodgy lawyer twin in Outrageous Fortune, and a distraught dad who loses his daughter in the movie After the Waterfall.

But Antony Starr is sporting a new look on the latest season of Banshee that makes him seem completely unrecognizable.

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The Kiwi actor has a leading role in the fourth and final season of the SoHo show, but he showed up in the first few episodes with long hair, an enormous beard and scruffy clothes.


It's a long way from the clean-cut look he sported in the first three seasons, in which he played a crook pretending to be cop Lucas Hood in the small American town of Banshee.

He sported a nice blue uniform, badge, gun and short hair as he took on the town's criminal elements through a series of violent confrontations.

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But in the latest season, Starr's Hood has gone AWOL, quitting his fake job and moving into an off-the-grid shack near a forest. He's coaxed back to town to help solve a series of murders, and find his missing friend, Job.

Starr told the Herald he asked for the show's action to be toned down in the fourth season after the first three seasons left him feeling burnt out.

"I didn't have to do much action, which I asked for. I have a tendency to go, 'She'll be right', with that Kiwi attitude, but at the end of season three I was like, 'Ooh, she's not right'. It's just the attrition rate of being ground out, year-in, year-out."

Kiwi actor Antony Starr discusses his new role on the American TV series, American Gothic.

Hood's new look isn't permanent, however, with Starr confirming to the Herald his hairy look came courtesy of the show's make-up department. By episode three, the long beard and locks are gone.

And the show, known for its brutality, hasn't completely cut Starr out of the action: in one recent episode, Hood cut a man's hand in half with a scythe.

Starr is currently filming his new CBS show, American Gothic, which is due to hit screens in American in June. He plays Garrett Hawthorne, the estranged son of a wealthy businessman.

Banshee screens on SoHo here, and streams on Neon.