Donald Trump has landed another series of devastating blows against his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, sweeping to victory in five crucial states.

Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware all voted for Trump over Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich today, giving him an even bigger lead in the party's delegate count.

But the real estate mogul clearly isn't popular everywhere. An astonishing number of celebrities have spoken out against him - a few of them even promising to flee the United States if he is elected president. Foremost among them is Girls star Lena Dunham, who threatened to move to Vancouver outside an awards event in New York on Monday.

"I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will," the 29-year-old said. "I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there."


The actress and writer is an ardent supporter of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and recently penned a column for Time magazine explaining why she is throwing her support behind the former secretary of state.

Other stars who have pledged to relocate if Trump wins the White House include Miley Cyrus, Jon Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson and Cher.

Kerry Washington, Chris Brown, John Legend, Chrissy Teigan, Josh Groban, Demi Lovato, hip hop artist Common, America Ferrera, Jack Black, Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Sarah Silverman, Shakira, Richard Gere, Bette Midler and Louis C.K. have all publicly denounced the Donald.

In December, Django Unchained star Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Kimmel that "if that motherf*cker becomes president, I'm moving my black ass to South Africa".

Cyrus took to Instagram last month to call Trump a "f*cking nightmare" and wrote that she would "move out da country" if he wins.

Whoopi went off on Trump during a January episode of The View. "Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be," the veteran actress said. "What he can't be is he can't be the guy that says it's your fault stuff isn't working. That's not the president I want. Find a way to make stuff work.

"Maybe it's time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go," she added.

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 17: Whoopi Goldberg attends the Shorts Program: Whoopi's Shorts - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studios on April 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 17: Whoopi Goldberg attends the Shorts Program: Whoopi's Shorts - 2016 Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studios on April 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty

Cher has been a vocal critic of the billionaire frontrunner, often lashing out at him on Twitter during televised Republican debates. The Believe singer tweeted last year: "IF HE WERE TO BE ELECTED, I'M MOVING TO JUPITER."

Meanwhile, several celebrities including Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin, Aaron Carter, Dennis Rodman, Azealia Banks, Stacey Dash and Kid Rock have publicly endorsed the GOP frontrunner.

Trump doesn't seem too fazed. He has started to poke fun at the celebrities who have spoken out against him, most recently taking aim at Dunham.

Responding to the Girls creator's threat to move to Canada, he mocked: "Now I have to get elected because I'll be doing a great service to our country."

He then dismissed Dunham's acting ability during the telephone interview with Fox & Friends. "Well, she's a B-actor. You know, she has no - you know, no mojo," Trump said.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host declared that celebrities who openly oppose his candidacy only increase his will to win.

"I heard Whoopi Goldberg said that too. That would be a great, great thing for our country if she got out," he said.

When co-host Steve Doocy pointed out that actress and longtime nemesis Rosie O'Donnell's name was on the list, Trump remarked: "We'll get rid of Rosie? Oh I love it ... Now it's much more important. In fact, I'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now."