Fans were left at the edge of their seats after the tense season finale of The Walking Dead, but one YouTube user has given the show's closing scene a Lego-inspired makeover.

In a tense scene in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan selects a victim for his barbed-wire baseball bat Lucille, YouTube user kristo499 recreated the harrowing moment through stop motion, right up to the bludgeoning of Negan's unknown victim.

The video mimicks the popular AMC show, and each Lego character, prop and camera angle reproduces the season finale's closing scene perfectly. Only the original dialogue is superimposed over the video, which gives the characters their original voices.

The channel boasts several other Walking Dead scenes from throughout the season, as well as a large selection of Lego-inspired recreations from other popular film and TV moments, such as the bear attack in the Oscar-award winning film The Revenant.