Copies of Uncharted 4 have appeared on eBay after some retailers broke the street date for the game.

Amazon has shipped some pre-orders early, while second-hand retailer CEX has reportedly bought and resold copies of the game.

EBay, meanwhile, has played host to several second-hand copies, some of which have sold for as high as NZ$190 (AU$169).

One lucky fan scored a copy when he simply asked a retailer at electronics store CEX to sell him one, reports


Only the single-player campaign is playable at this stage, as it's still so early that the multiplayer servers have not been activated yet.

Players can expect spoilers from the highly-anticipated adventure game to proliferate online over the coming weeks, as Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann warns:

Uncharted 4

releases officially on May 10, exclusively on Playstation 4.