Mums can be proud too

Have you seen the latest Dept of Corrections job advert on the back of buses? With the header "a job you can be proud of", with an image of a mum wearing jeans and blue Chucks, large handbag stuffed with a toy and other kiddy paraphernalia and then the right image is the same woman dressed in a Dept of Corrections uniform. Unfortunately, I was driving at the time so couldn't snap a photo - but surely they aren't implying that a woman can't be proud of being a mother?

"I see Tip Top has reintroduced their Topsy icecream," writes Mike. Photo / Supplied

Topsy turvy 60s branding

"I see Tip Top has reintroduced their Topsy icecream," writes Mike. "I have had this original Topsy packet since 1962. They were rather expensive back then at 6d (5 cents) each. We kids usually bought the cheaper TT2s, an ice block. They only cost 4d (about 3 cents). I do wonder if the picture on the original package was a factor in Topsys being withdrawn from the market."

Bird books take flight

"My partner and I had brunch just off Library Lane in the Albany Village last Sunday," writes Rowena Pryor. "We came across two books about birds perched on a council raised-garden box. We have taken them under our wings in the hope that they are returned to the rightful owner." If they are yours, please contact Sideswipe.

"Our daughter is working and living in Dalian, China, with her family," writes Gill Wilson. "They are having an amazing time and see some amazing sights but this one was one to behold! Nine chickens hanging in a tree? Even their Chinese friends can't shed any light!"


Picture this:

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Tearjerker: Bride shaves head in support of terminally ill groom. (Your heart is officially a piece of coal if you do not well up at these poignant photos)

Video: A national TV ad campaign in Australia links domestic violence to the ways in which toxic attitudes towards women are passively drummed into both boys and girls....Read more about the campaign here.

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