Idina Menzel fears she'll be too old to star in a Wicked film.

The 44-year-old star played Elphaba the Witch in the Broadway musical for three years and while she is keen to appear in the movie version of the production, the raven-haired beauty insists she "probably won't be" in the motion picture.

She said: "I'm gonna be way too old by the time [producer Marc Platt] gets it done."

But Idina - who is also known for being the voice of Queen Elsa in Disney's Frozen movie - has given her fans a glimmer of hope by admitting that if the producer decides to use CGI graphics in the upcoming film then there is a chance she could make an appearance.


Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, she added: "Unless he CGI's it, and he knows how I feel about that - I really want him to do that."

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As well as her musical roles, Idina played Lea Michele's on-screen mother Shelby Corcoran in Glee, but admits the part was "bittersweet" because her 29-year-old co-star is only 15 years older than her and it came at a time when she had just given birth to son Walker, who is now six.

She explained: "The gig came three months after I popped a baby out so I felt fat as all hell, and I was Lea Michele's mom - like, could I just be her older sister? She wasn't as young as she was playing [on the show] so it was like, really, I'm her mom? So it wasn't good for my ego, I'll be completely honest.

"I was happy to be there and work with those people, but I had to get over myself a little bit."

- Bang! Showbiz