The Bachelor had babies on the brain tonight as he interrogated several girls about whether they wanted to have children.

The line of questioning, which Mauger said was all about working out how compatible his life was with some of the contestants, threw a spanner in the works for Ceri McVinnie who was later sent home.

Out on a single date, which featured a scenic drive in a classic car before sitting down for an intimate chat in a garage, McVinnie was left lost for words.

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Clearly unprepared for the frank conversation, McVinnie simply giggled awkwardly and tried to avoid the question.

By contrast, Fleur was only too happy to talk future children, revealing she would like to have up to four kids.

"You'll need a bigger car," was Mauger's pragmatic response.

Earlier in the episode, Mauger took all of the remaining girls on a trip to Australia Zoo, where they cuddled koalas, wombats and lizards.