Popular Kiwi entertainer Willy de Wit is in hospital after suffering a stroke.

Colleague and close friend Suzy Heazlewood has posted on Facebook that she was at the bedside of the much-loved radio and television personality after discovering he had a stroke when she went to pick him up for work on Tuesday.

The cosmetic product owner said this had come as a devastating blow to friends and family.

"Just to reassure you all about Willy de Wit ... I went to pick this beautiful man up for work on Tuesday morning and he had had a stroke ... he is in a stable condition ... I have been with him at the hospital 24/7 to ensure he is going to be OK ... at this stage we are only having his family visit.


"Please understand this is because his blood pressure is still quite high ... he is very tired and needs to heal," she posted.

But even in the middle of the health scare she wrote he was still cracking jokes.

"PPS just something gorgeous about Willy ... he still has a sense of humour ... He asked me yesterday how many views and Likes we had gotten on our new wee TVC advert xx."

It had now had more than 2300 views after being posted on Monday.

Ms Heazlewood said de Wit and his family was grateful for the support at this trying time.

"Thank you for your prayers as I'm sure you are all as devastated as myself and Willy's family."

Willy De Wit's career has spanned 30 years in radio, television and live comedy.

He currently works as a brand manager for Suzy H skin products.