We've seen shows where British families have been helped to find properties in the UK or Europe, but another reality TV series is bringing them to New Zealand to see what they can find here.

A BBC film crew is in New Zealand filming a new season of Wanted Down Under where families looking at immigrating are shown what a new life in Auckland could mean for them.

The long-running series has previously taken families to Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and all around Australia.

This time three families are scoping out Auckland as they each spend a week exploring the job market, schooling, social and recreational activities and houses before making a decision of where to stay or go back home.


Real estate agency Bayleys is responsible for showing the families a selection of properties priced between $450,000 and $800,000 on the North Shore and South Auckland to give them an idea of what the British pound will buy them.

Tracey and Paul Nicholls and their three children, Roman, 11, Zeraphina, 7, and Cassian, 3, from Birmingham spent last week being followed by a film crew while they checked out what life would be like for them in the Rodney District, north of Auckland.

The couple looked at different job opportunities including owning gyms, which is what they did in the UK.

Mrs Nicholls said she was impressed with what she saw and the more they saw the more they liked about the culture. The only downside was the family they would leave behind.

"I think the children will have such a better life here with more opportunities, it's just harder to leave my family, parents and step-parents."

Bayleys managing director Mike Bayley said the show provided a great opportunity to promote New Zealand internationally as it was watched by millions of viewers in the UK.

"Being able to push the New Zeland brand and the profile of our biggest city is something we relish, especially to one of this country's key immigration markets."

Auckland put on good weather for the families which was a bonus as Wanted Down Under usually ran during the winter months when people were sick of the cold and tempted by warmer options.

The show first aired in 2007 and is presented by British TV host Nicki Chapman.