The haka has been featured in the US version of the hit television show Family Feud, where it was referred to as the dance of the "New Zealand Blacks".

Footage from the programme shows the Neuhart family demonstrating the traditional Maori challenge to host and comedian Steve Harvey.

Kelly Newhart tells Harvey he is a men's ministry leader at a church in California and has three children.

"I've got the three kids and if I'm not messing around with them, I play rugby."


Harvey seems to scoff at the idea, while Mr Neuhart goes on to explain.

"I actually lived and played rugby in New Zealand. And actually, in New Zealand, they have this tradition where they bring out a little challenge to dance - I think we can break it out for you right now."

Harvey surprises the audience by revealing he knows of the world rugby champs.

"Oh, I've seen it on rugby before - the New Zealand Blacks. The All Blacks."

The audience erupts in laughter when Harvey says: "I rooted for them, just, you know, 'cos of their name.

"But the name is All Blacks and so that became my favourite rugby team. That's the only rugby team I know."

The family then go on to perform Ka Mate, with Mr Neuhart even starting his family up with shouts of: "Kia rite! Kia rite!"

Even Harvey gives the audience a haka demonstration, slapping his knees and elbows before finishing with his version of the "Hi!"

Harvey tells Mr Neuhart: "That's a real bark there, boy. That comes from something else though."