There were tears on The Bachelor NZ last night as 26-year-old animal lover Alicia Cowan was sent home, without ever going on a single date.

"That was the major reason behind the tears, I was disappointed. I was disappointed that he sent me home before giving me the chance to have a single date," she told the Herald.

Cowan only went on three group dates with Jordan Mauger but felt there was potential for them as a couple. She says viewers haven't seen just how great Mauger really is.

"His sense of humour hasn't been coming across as much as it could. He is actually a funny guy."


After missing out on a rose, Cowan was on the next flight out of Hawaii and back to New Zealand.

Last night's episode saw several contestants put out by Mauger's decision to take Naz on a single date. But Cowan says she didn't have a problem with Naz.

"She's very confident, she's very sure of herself and outgoing. That's just the way she is. There is a sweeter side to her and Jordan must have seen that because he's keeping her around. I wouldn't say she's difficult, she is the way she is and I respect her for staying true to herself."

Overall, Cowan says all the contestants have been portrayed accurately.

"Obviously they can't show absolutely everything, that's impossible. But yeah, from what we've seen, it's fairly accurate."

So who is she picking to win?

"I've got a top three. My top three would be Rebecca, Fleur and Storm. I say that because their single dates have gone really well and they seem to have formed quite a good connection with Jordan. He seems to be equally fascinated with all of them."