Animal-lover Alicia is the latest contestant to be sent home on The Bachelor NZ, after failing to make a connection with Jordan Mauger.

But it was Naz that once again stole the show, taking aim at one of the girls on her fabled hit list.

Fellow contestant Gabs was left in tears after Naz interrupted her private chat with Jordan despite having already claimed a rose earlier in the week.

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Naz attempted to tell Jordan about a girl she felt wasn't in the competition for the "right" reasons.

"I promised I wouldn't talk to you about other girls..." she began, before Jordan interrupted: "Let me just stop you there. You need to focus on yourself."

Naz had been planning to tell him about Kate, who allegedly said she saw the Bachelor "more as a mate" and had considered pulling out of the competition.

Earlier in the episode, Kate made a strong impression on a group date, joking and flirting with Jordan.

The Bachelor responded by giving her a rose ahead of the official ceremony.

Likewise, Jordan confirmed his connection with Fleur, kissing her at the cocktail party and offering her the first rose of the ceremony.